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The Checkout page will specify the available quantity of attendee places, if less than the amount added to your cart. Each Training event allows for a maximum of 15 attendees.

Fully sold out events will be specified when the date is chosen on the Training event page. 

 A Training event date may have been purchased by other attendees while you were shopping, resulting in a sold out event during the checkout process. Please go back to the Training event page to view available dates.

There is no waitlist. If places become available for a previously sold out Training event, the date will reappear available on the Dolby Vision Training page.

Dolby will update the Training schedule on a quarterly basis.

Please Contact Us for assistance.

We’re unable to provide trainer information for Dolby Training events. For additional support after training please Contact Us and you will be connected with the appropriate Dolby team member.

To be considered a trained professional by Dolby you must fully attend all 3 modules:
Module 1: Dolby Vision and HDR Theory/Overview/Workflow
Module 2: Color Grading (with Davinci Resolve)
Module 3: Mastering, Deliverables, and QC

You’ll receive an Order Confirmation and a Dolby Downloads email.  The Dolby Downloads email contains preparation and registration instructions for your Training event (see additional registration information below).

Please check your inbox, junk, and spam folders for these emails. If you need a duplicate email sent to you, please Contact Us and include your order number(s) on all correspondence.

The training sessions will take place over GoToWebinar. Further information on how to use GoToWebinar can be found here: GoToWebinar Attendee Guide.

Registration is mandatory for all Dolby Vision Training events. Upon order completion, you will receive an email with a registration link for your Training event.  All attendees must register at least 72 hours in advance of the training event in order to be approved by Dolby prior to the event.  Unregistered attendees will not be permitted to attend the event.  Once registration has been approved, you will receive the unique login information to gain access to the event.

It’s important that each attendee registers with their own contact information in the case of multiple attendee places purchased with one order.  This enables the attendees’ access to the event, as well as their ability to receive training documentation links and other information to be emailed following the Training event.

If you can’t locate your Dolby Downloads Registration email, please Contact Us and include your order number(s) on all correspondence.

Please cancel the existing attendee registration (see below) and register the new attendee.

Should you wish to cancel your registration, please follow the ‘To Cancel this Registration’ section in your registration confirmation email and Contact Us directly to request a refund (if applicable.)

The Training events will not be recorded.  We strongly suggest you take notes as needed during the online training.

Please Contact Us to be connected with the appropriate Dolby team member.

Since the Certification process is not associated with pre-determined event dates, it will not sell out.

You'll receive an Order Confirmation and a Dolby Downloads email. The Dolby Downloads email contains instructions for the Certification application including access to the online multiple-choice test, and the practical test. 

Please check you inbox, junk, and spam folders for these emails. If you need a duplicate email sent to you, please Contact Us and include your order number(s) on all correspondence.

The result of the multiple-choice online Certification test will be immediately available online upon completing the test.

Should you fail the multiple-choice online test with your first attempt, you are permitted only one additional online test attempt. Any additional test attempts will require a new test application to be purchased.

A Dolby representative will contact you directly to provide your practical Certification test result. We aim to provide this test result within 10 business days of test file submission, but response time may be delayed due to high value of submissions.

We aim to include individuals who have successfully obtained Certification and have agreed to be published within our online list of Dolby Vision Certified Professionals within 4-6 weeks of Certification being granted.

We currently accept only standard Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

The following payment methods cannot be used on the Dolby Professional Store: Debit cards, Digital Cards, Gift Cards, American Express or Discover.

Please review our terms and conditions on the applicable Training or Certification product page. If you qualify for a refund, please Contact Us and include your order number on all correspondence. You may request a full or partial refund.

Dolby will apply a credit to your original method of payment. Please allow up to 10 business days for your credit card provider to process your refund.

If your credit hasn’t processed after 10 business days, please first contact your credit card provider. If your credit card provider is unable to resolve the issue, you may then Contact Us for further support.

Many answers can be found on our Training or Certification pages, or in this help document. Please Contact Us if you need additional support.

Dolby Support will respond to your inquiry within 72 hours, Monday through Friday. Please Contact Us if you need additional support.

You can edit your account address directly on the My Account address page.  In order to update the email associated with your account, please Contact Us for assistance.

Click on "Forgot your password?" on the login page to reset your password.

For best results and full store features, please use the latest version of Chrome or Safari browsers. Firefox and Edge are also well supported.