Dolby Vision Individual Certification

Dolby Vision Individual Certification

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About this Offering

This offering provides a single individual application to the Dolby Vision Certification test. This test is designed to verify that you are familiar with the Dolby Vision process and applying the tools and techniques required to create Dolby Vision content for home entertainment.

As a pre-requisite to this test, you should already have in-depth knowledge about creating Dolby Vision content on color grading systems and be familiar with the Dolby Vision Professional tools. This knowledge may have been gained through experience in creating Dolby Vision content, or through training, or both. Prior to taking the test, Dolby recommends that you have completed Dolby Vision training either through the instructor-led training available for purchase on this site or through the self-guided training available at Dolby Professional Support Learning

After purchase, you will receive details on how to access the online multiple-choice test, the HDR video file, and instructions to complete the practical test. A completed Dolby Vision IMF with appropriate metadata will need to be sent to Dolby for verification. Access to a supported Dolby Vision color grading or mastering system will be required to create the Dolby Vision IMF. Please contact us should you need access to a temporary Dolby Vision License.

In order to gain Dolby Vision certification, it is necessary to pass the online test with a result of 85% or higher and to submit a valid Dolby Vision IMF following the necessary steps to the satisfaction of Dolby. The purchase of each application allows for submission of the online test and the Dolby Vision IMF, with up to one resubmission included. Further resubmissions will require the purchase of an additional application to the test. For full details, see the Terms and Conditions.

Dolby Vision Individual Certification Discount Offer

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Terms and Conditions

  • This offering includes the submission, and if necessary, one resubmission to the online and practical tests. Should the applicant not pass the required tests within two attempts, a new application must be purchased.
  • Certification is granted only upon the successful completion of the required online and practical tests.
  • Applicants have 90 days from purchase to submit both the online and practical test applications.
  • A refund may be requested up until test application submission or within 90 days of purchase, whichever occurs first.
  • For additional terms and conditions, please visit Dolby Terms and Conditions


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